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The Gem Theater

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The Opera House, built in 1873, served as the first movie theater in Pioche, NV, playing its first film in 1915. The Gem Theatre opened next door as the town’s first dedicated movie theater in 1937. Pioche, NV was once a booming mining town of the “old west” but currently has a dwindling population of barely 1000.

The Gem, which had been operating as a 2nd run movie theater, closed in 2002.

This city has a very interesting history. Check out the sources below to learn more about Pioche, “The Living Ghost Town.”

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Norilsk Industrial Institute

Norilsk is a Russian city inside the Arctic Circle and is the northernmost city with over 100,000 people. It was founded in 1920. Because of industry, the city has common acid rain and contributes 1% of the world’s sulfur dioxide. Nadezhda Tolokonnikova from the band Pussy Riot grew up in Norilsk. The city has two movie theaters. One of them is currently playing Despicable Me.

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Modern Brass Foundry

The old foundry down the street is finally being demolished. I made sure to do a little exploring before it’s gone.

“Modern Brass Foundry operated on the site from 1927 to 1958. The Modern Sign and Signal Company was on the southern side of the property from 1932 to 1937.” Dispatch

The house next to the foundry was built in 1900 and only owned by a few families over the last century. The building has been empty since 2014.






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Rep Clement Vallandigham of Ohio’s 3rd district

Here’s an internet black hole post copied over from my twitter. I guess I’m starting a new project again.

In 1863 Rep Clement Vallandigham of Ohio’s 3rd district ran for governor WHILE BEING EXILED IN CANADA. He lost.

Everything about this guy is pure turd.

He wanted to overthrow the northern governments of Ohio, KY, IL, and IN to create a northern confederacy because WTF.

Dude died by accidentally shooting himself with a gun in his pocket.

RIP Clement Vallandigham. I guess.
He also headed up the Peace Democrats, which I now know is a thing. The Peace Democrats were northern pacifist Democrats and usually slavery sympathizers.
They even made an apparently terrible movie about these Peace Democrats. The director, Ron Maxwell, seems to only make Civil War flicks.
Except for this 1981 musical movie called The Night the Lights Went Out In Georgia randomly starring Mark Hamill and Dennis Quaid. Way to deviate.