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Photos: SXSW 2014 Monday

Hello from Austin and SXSW! I was in transit from 6:30am EST until 2pm CST. Went straight to the Convention Center from the airport to check in and then went to hotel. I didn’t make it back down town until nearly 7pm so I didn’t get to see too many shows last night. However I did catch the end of Phantogram at the Spotify House and then headed over to Scoot Inn to see Charlie XCX, Robert Delong and MS MR.

Here are a few photos from yesterday!

MS MR @ Scoot Inn
_MG_7063-4 Ms Mr

_MG_7052-3 Ms Mr

_MG_7050-2 Ms Mr

This guy… in the photo pit… with an iPhone…

This is a weird fake projected light tree that responded and blew with the wind! WHAT?


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