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Photos: Kill Hannah, Shiny Toy Guns, & MXMS. New Heart 10.

Last weekend Kill Hannah played a three day mega weekend of shows as their goodbye party along with bands Shiny Toy Guns and MXMS in their hometown, Chicago. If you know me you know that I’ve seen these guys play and photographed their shows, well, more than I’m going to admit here on the internet. It’s also somewhat fitting that my camera finally bit the big one after during their last set.

Here is a compilation of the photos for the weekend.


Kill Hannah plays and interviews at JBTV. December 17, 2015

















First night at The Metro. December 18, 2015







Shiny Toy Guns






Kill Hannah









December 19, 2015


Shiny Toy Guns








Kill Hannah


















Here are some more photos from the weekend:
December 17, 2015: JBTV performance and interview.
December 18, 2015: Kill Hannah, Shiny Toy Guns & MXMS at the Metro. Post also includes acoustic performance.
Dcember 19, 2015: Kill Hannah & Shiny Toy Guns at the Metro.

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