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Rep Clement Vallandigham of Ohio’s 3rd district

Here’s an internet black hole post copied over from my twitter. I guess I’m starting a new project again.

In 1863 Rep Clement Vallandigham of Ohio’s 3rd district ran for governor WHILE BEING EXILED IN CANADA. He lost.

Everything about this guy is pure turd.

He wanted to overthrow the northern governments of Ohio, KY, IL, and IN to create a northern confederacy because WTF.

Dude died by accidentally shooting himself with a gun in his pocket.

RIP Clement Vallandigham. I guess.
He also headed up the Peace Democrats, which I now know is a thing. The Peace Democrats were northern pacifist Democrats and usually slavery sympathizers.
They even made an apparently terrible movie about these Peace Democrats. The director, Ron Maxwell, seems to only make Civil War flicks.
Except for this 1981 musical movie called The Night the Lights Went Out In Georgia randomly starring Mark Hamill and Dennis Quaid. Way to deviate.