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SXSW Tuesday wrap up

My plan, mentioned yesterday, of following Amanda Palmer worked a little too well. We both attended A Conversation with Nick Cave in the Convention Center. Then, 20 minutes later, I nearly tripped her in the Starbucks down the street. (I don’t even like Starbucks! If there are any other coffee shop options in Austin, please let me know.) Finally, I saw Palmer at the interview she was doing with Paste, my only planned interaction of the day.

Maybe if I wear a different hat today she won’t recognize me.

Have some pictures!

Only part of the line waiting for A Conversation with Nick Cave

Nick Cave poses for photographers then shunned us for the rest of his talk. He spoke mostly about heroin and Germany. (Is it just me or do there seem to be an abundance of heroin in Austin? There are strung-out parties around every corner this year. Oh, those kids.)

Amanda Palmer and cameras at Blackheart for Paste Magazine. I’m pretty sure they are posting their videos online. My planned day evolved into me mostly staying at this venue for the Newport Folk Fest showcase later that night.

Amanda, I love you.

After Amanda Palmer left a crowd started forming. No idea who was next but I’ll stay. Oh, hi Fred Armisen! Another awesome interview for Paste.

There were probably 100 people inside with another 200 out back listening over wireless headphones to the interview.

Back to the Convention Center for the Alternative Comedy panel. Marc Maron watches his introduction video from back stage.

Chris Gethard, Fred Armisen, Scott Aukerman, and Marc Maron

I stuck around for the Deadmau5 interview, but left after he turned out to not be very interesting. But he’s very popular! This is the overflow outside his panel room.

Back to Blackheart! Aisha Tyler being interviewed by all three editors of Paste (two pictured.)

Hurray for the Riff Raff start out the Newport Folk Fest Showcase on the front porch. I love these guys. You should see them if ever possible. You too mom and dad.

At this point I headed to ACL for the Nerdist and Cirque performance. They said I couldn’t bring my camera in even though I have a tag. I leave. Womp. I head back to Blackheart.

Houndmouth from Indiana at the Newport Folk Fest Showcase.


The Lone Bellow orchestrates the crowd.

The Lone Bellow at the Newport Folk Fest Showcase. This might be a new favorite band. They are appearing a few more times at SXSW.

Atlas Genius at the Main (meh).

Tegan and Sara, also at The Main. This is a strange venue.

Dot Dot Dot from Chicago play the Chuggin’ Monkey.


The walls are stripped of posters for the night and wrapped with cellophane to prepare for the postings of the next morning.

Today I am looking forward to (whether I make it or not) The Anatomy of Amanda Fucking Palmer panel at 12:30, (I hope she doesn’t see me), a Jared Leto panel at 2pm, which was confirmed on his site last week but only yesterday with SXSW, Depeche Mode interview at 5pm, He’s My Brother She’s My Sister at Sonos Studios at 5pm (RSVP required), Pyyramids (Tim Norwind from OK Go) at the Hanger Lounge at 8pm followed by a Shiny Toy Guns DJ set, Sam Doores and the Tumbleweekds at the White Horse, and Divine Fits at the IFC Crossroads House at 1am.

How could I forget about getting a high five from LeVar Burton yesterday? He’s even wearing a Reading Rainbow hoodie and carrying a PBS bag.

One thought on “SXSW Tuesday wrap up

  1. Great photos and coverage. Other coffee shop options are Joe’s downtown or Joe’s on South Congress. The SoCo one is pretty awesome. Also try Bouldin Creek and Thunderbird.

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