Ahead has the post I originally had on my Facebook.


As you might be aware, my best-good friend Sean Fleming was viciously attacked last night and had his wallet and bike stolen from him. You also might be aware that his birthday is coming up pretty quickly.

I am putting on a photo sale where 100% of the proceeds are going toward buying Sean a new bike.

Here are some selected photos from my portfolio that are on sale.
Or any photo in my collection http://www.flickr.com/photos/rebarbashphotos/

5×7: $15
8×10 or 8×12: $35
11×14: $65

You may also donate to the Buy Sean a new Bike Fund.
If you purchase/donate your name will be included when he receives his gift so he will know how much his friends love him. (or not, if you want to be anonymous. Whatevs.)

Transactions will be in person, mail or paypal. (please send to rachaelbarbash@gmail.com)

Additionally, Sean is hidden from this status so please DO NOT TELL HIM what’s going on. It will be a nice surprise on his birthday.

Email (rachaelbarbash@gmail.com) or FB me and please share this with anyone you think might be interested in helping but remember, DO NOT TELL SEAN. If you make a status make sure he and his family members are hidden from it.

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